Adult Social Care services

Adult Social Care is part of the Department of Education and Social Services.  It has a staff of over 400. Social work and occupational therapy staff are located in offices in the town hall (from summer 2014) and at hospitals serving the borough. Most of the social care service provision for example: home care and care homes, are provided under contract from the independent sector. In addition the voluntary sector is commissioned to provide a range of open access services. We currently directly manage learning disability day services, comprising a complex needs centre and four community bases, and the enablement service.

Through direct payments from the council to service users, individuals can choose to use any service that is competent and affordable to meet their care needs, including the ability to directly employ their own care staff, known as personal assistants. The council continues to make arrangements on behalf of people who are eligible for care and support when they are unable or arrange this themselves.


Adult Social Care is comprised of the following divisions.


This includes all the social workers and occupational therapists, the enablement service and specialist teams providing social work support to young people with learning disabilities into adulthood, the sensory needs rehabilitation officers and the deaf drop-in service.  Our first point of contact, the Access Team, is also managed in this division.

Joint Commissioning Unit (JCU)

This is responsible for ensuring the supply and quality of social care services under contract to the council and for ensuring that services are developed to meet social care needs as they change. The JCU also manages drug and alcohol and sexual health service contracts. It is jointly responsible to the Director of Education and Social Services, the NHS Clinical Commissioning Group and the council’s Director of Public Health.

Business Resources

This includes financial services, performance and quality management – including complaints, public information, the on-going monitoring of service provider contracts with the council, learning disability day services and staff learning and development.

Social workers who provide support to people with mental health conditions in the care of the South West London and St. George’s Mental Health Trust are seconded to work in the Trust. They are managed by the Mental Health Trust, which works under a legal agreement with the council. The contract is managed by the Joint Commissioning Unit.