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Liability claims

Under our Public Liability Insurance policy there is no automatic right to compensation.

If you are a solicitor (CNFs only)

    Submit your employers' and public liability claims through the portal.
    • Portal ID: C00108
    • Insurer: Zurich Municipal
    • Policy Number: QLA-01E2310433-92

    If you are the person claiming

    If you believe the council are responsible for the injury/damage you have sustained, you may be able to make a claim.

    Highway claims

    If the claim you wish to pursue relates to an incident on the highway, contact You will be sent a claim pack to complete.

    All other claims

    You must send us a detailed letter or email including:

    • Your name and address
    • Details of the incident such as exact location, date and time it occurred
    • Details of the injury, loss or damage
    • An explanation of how or why you feel the council has acted negligently
    • Timeline of events (if ongoing over a period of time)
    • Photographs to evidence the damage/injury

    A detailed letter of claim enables the Council to conduct a full investigation into the incident.

    Failure to provide sufficient and precise information will result in your claim being delayed until more information is provided.

    You can email the letter of claim to, or write to:

    Insurance Group,
    Room 109
    Town Hall First Floor,
    Wandsworth High Street,
    London, SW18 2PU

    How long does a claim process take? 

    Each public liability claim varies depending on a range of factors. Because of this we unfortunately cannot estimate how long a claim will take to be dealt with by our insurers.


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