Teacher recruitment

Support for Headteachers

We have a very well established induction programme designed to welcome and support you into your role, whether this is your first or a subsequent post as a Headteacher in Wandsworth.

Our induction programme introduces new Headteachers to the key professionals in the Local Authority (LA) who are able to provide advice, support and guidance on various school-specific or Borough related issues.

You will have been introduced to the school’s Link Inspector during the appointment process. Following appointment and before taking up your post, they will arrange a transition meeting to discuss your approach to and priorities for your new role. They will continue to support you after appointment through regular visits to your school.


Mentoring and networking

New Headteachers and those new to Wandsworth are also entitled to advice and support from an experienced mentor, who may also be an NCTL Professional Partner.  All our mentors are experienced Headteachers who lead good or outstanding schools. Mentor heads will usually offer half a day per half-term support to the new Headteacher.

There are many networking opportunities for new Headteachers to meet fellow colleagues in Wandsworth. You will meet other new headteachers through the induction programme and established headteachers through the Headteacher Standing Conference and Headteacher forums each term.

There is lots of information available to head teachers through the council’s Info4Schools website. Many services in the council have their own websites containing specialist information such as human resources and Governor services.

Professional development

Wandsworth is committed to continuing professional development for all teachers and offers a range of CPD opportunities through training and development online.  We offer specific opportunities for school leaders, including NPQML, NPQSL and various Ofsted inspection courses. A key part of the induction process for new head teachers will be to help you identify and plan your professional development needs.

All new head teachers have the support of their governing body who will work with you to provide vision, direction and leadership and ensure the school meets its aims and targets.