Teacher recruitment

Qualifications for teaching

If you are looking to train as a teacher there are a number of routes that you can take.

These change regularly and you can find the latest information on the Department for Education website: Get into teaching.

Teachers can choose to study at a further education institution or to learn on the job, or a mix of both. There are options to suit your circumstances and learning style.

The borough has a strong teaching school presence with Southfields, Belleville, Chestnut Grove and Chesterton schools all offering ‘Schools Direct’ teacher training.

Teacher training courses are available at Roehampton University, Kingston University, St Mary’s University and the University of the South Bank and Institute of Education.  A number of schools offer training places through the universities.

Wandsworth also runs successful School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT). The SCITT is a consortium of 22 schools that offer a one-year, postgraduate certificate in education route to qualified teacher status.

Routes for support staff

There are no mandatory professional qualifications required to become a member of school support staff. This area is continually growing in status and further education institutions now run a number of courses to assist you in gaining the skills to enter the profession.

Our schools are also beginning to demand the skills and knowledge that these courses provide. Not all positions in Wandsworth schools require these new qualifications, but some schools will often require previous experience and all will ask that candidates possess a good level of literacy and numeracy.