Working for the Shared Staffing Arrangements (SSA)

Introduction to employment with the SSA

The London Borough of Richmond upon Thames and London Borough of Wandsworth have created a unique joint shared staffing model that focuses on creative service design and new ways of working in a positive and supportive working culture.

How it will work

Collectively we are the biggest staff group in London local government, and as a result will be able to retain the quality, specialisms and expertise which are more sustainable in a larger organisation.

The area covered by the Boroughs is geographically diverse, offering staff the opportunity to gain a breadth of experience across both an inner and outer London Borough. Richmond and Wandsworth each retain their sovereignty and are committed to working jointly to improve public services for the residents of South West London. Through partnership we will be resilient and financially sustainable – an organisation that values its staff and provides unprecedented opportunities for the future.

We are creating something extraordinary

We have made a commitment to work in partnership to deliver on our goals and aspirations. It is a unique opportunity to do new things, make a mark and be part of a ground-breaking organisation that is fit for the future.

We work in a uniquely stimulating political environment

The Leaders of Richmond and Wandsworth Councils have huge ambitions for their local areas. They are also at the cutting edge of policy development and are politically influential in London and nationally. Our staff are responsible for delivering on these big political aspirations, often in a very high-profile context.

Our fundamental vision is a focus on our residents

We both have a well evidenced history as excellent councils with high levels of resident satisfaction. It is essential that we continue to maintain and improve the high standards the residents of both boroughs have become accustomed to. We see the maintenance of specialisms and expertise as central to these high standards. In the public sector today we need to focus relentlessly on outcomes and value for money.

We are looking for people who really care about what they do

Our staff are professional, open, challenging and responsive. Our jobs are probably the best in local government today. Serving half a million Londoners, it is hard to see the profile, network and professional challenge afforded by these roles being bettered. You will be at the forefront of forging change in local government. We will invest in your development, and ensure the opportunities for progression that only a large organisation can provide. 

Guide to recruitment

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