About adult abuse

Report abuse

What you should do

If there is danger, first ensure the safety of the adult. Call emergency services on 999 if immediate help is needed.

Then you should always contact either:

What we will do

A worker from adult social care services will arrange an enquiry into the alleged abuse using multi-agency guidelines on safeguarding adults.

If abuse has occurred or is suspected then the council will ensure that action is taken to try and safeguard the adult in the future. Where it appears a criminal offence has been committed, the police may be informed.

In responding, the council will take care to listen to the adult or their representative about what they want to happen, and will arrange for an advocate if this is needed.

Remember: safeguarding is everyone’s business.


If there is no one suitable to support you and you have substantial difficulty being involved in decisions about your care and support, we will arrange an independent advocate. An advocate helps make sure you’re involved in decisions by helping you understand your rights, express your views and can help make decisions about your care and support.


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