What is extra care housing?

Extra care housing is self-contained flats for people aged 55 plus, with on-site care available 24 hours a day. The flats are mainly one bedroom. Extra care is designed for people who want to live at home, but need care or support several times a day and at night. The care is flexible and can fit around your personal needs.

It is ideal for people who have long-term deteriorating health conditions, people who need care at night and people whose needs can change quickly.

Extra care is not a care home; you have your own flat with your own front door. As this is your own home, you are responsible for household tasks like cooking, cleaning and laundry. If you are unable to do any of these, adult social services will arrange help through the on-site care team.


You must be:

  • aged 55 years or older, and
  • assessed by adult social services as qualifying for help with social care from the council and needing the level of support provided in extra care.

If you are not already receiving help from adult social services and would like to be assessed, contact the access team (contact details below). Find out more about who qualifies for help from adult social services and the assessment process.


Find out more about our extra care housing schemes by making an informal arrangement to visit them.

Contact adult social services (contact details below) to find out whether you are eligible for help with care from the council and whether extra care will be able to meet your care and support needs.


There will be a cost for:

  • your rent
  • a service charge
  • care

We will ask you to complete a financial assessment in order to work out what you can afford to pay toward your care costs.

Further information about extra care housing

Find extra care housing schemes and sheltered housing.

Contact the adult social care access team: