KITE Enablement - regaining your independence

KITE (Keep Independent Through Enablement) gives short-term support to people in their own homes to help them be as independent as possible. It is for people who have been discharged from hospital or whose health has deteriorated.

What is enablement?

Enablement provides services for people with poor physical or mental health to help accommodate their illness and support their recovery by helping them learn or relearn the skills necessary for daily living.

KITE employs specially-trained enablement workers and works with occupational and physio therapy services to help you to regain your confidence and get back to doing as much as possible for yourself.

Where possible, we aim to help you become fully independent of any services. But, for tasks you cannot manage independently, we will help you decide what support and care you will need in the longer term.

Care Quality Commission rating

The KITE Enablement service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) and registered with the name 'Wandsworth Home Care Service'.

The most recent overall rating of the service by the CQC was:

Factsheet 9: KITE Enablement

Read our factsheet KITE Enablement - regaining your independence for more information about:

  • who enablement is suitable for
  • how you qualify
  • how the enablement programme works

Contact the access team

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