Telecare - help in an emergency

Telecare gives you peace of mind. It is there day and night when you are in trouble and need someone to help.

What is it, and could it help me?

There's a lot telecare can do. It means that although you may live alone, there is always someone ready and waiting to hear from you in an emergency. Your family can have peace of mind knowing that there is back up when needed.

The most familiar telecare service is a pendant alarm

This is a button worn around your neck or on your wrist, which connects to an alarm unit linked to your telephone. You can push your button to speak to the operator whatever your emergency.

What type of service do I need?

You can choose a service to meet your needs. There are visiting and non-visiting services and passive systems that are helpful if you are worried you wont be able to push the button in an emergency. Sensors are available to detect the following things:

  • Smoke
  • Falls at home
  • Bathroom flood
  • Carbon monoxide
  • Natural Gas
  • Open door

Fact sheet 13: Telecare

See Telecare - help in an emergency for more information about:

  • Different types of telecare
  • Where you can buy telecare
  • How much it will cost

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