Paying for care and support

How much you pay will depend on your personal financial circumstances, i.e. how much money you have. Some people will be asked to pay the full cost of their care and support, others will be asked to contribute towards it and some may not have to pay at all.

To decide how much you will have to pay we will ask you to complete a financial assessment. This helps us to understand how much you can afford to pay towards the cost of your care and support services. The financial assessment will ask you about: your income, your capital (savings and property), and your expenditure. If you do not complete the financial assessment you will be asked to pay the full cost of your services.

If we think that you are entitled to benefits that you are not claiming we will tell you and if you need help to make a claim we can arrange for a visiting officer to help you. Find out about:


The council will not charge carers for services from April 2015.

Personal budgets and direct payments

If you have eligible needs that are not being met in other ways, we will provide a personal budget for the care and support services you need. Your personal budget is the total amount of money needed to meet the cost of this care and support including the amount we will pay and the amount you will need to pay towards the cost.

Direct payments are an easy and convenient way of receiving your personal budget. They are money payments paid into a bank account by the council for you to spend on the services you need.

Find out more about direct payments.

Funding your own care and support

If you are paying the full cost of your care and support or do not qualify for help from the council we recommend that you seek independent financial advice. It is important to make sure your money goes as far as possible and allows you to plan and make choices for the future. We can put you in contact with organisations which are able to help with this.

If you qualify for help from the council but will be paying the full cost of your services, you can choose who arranges your care and support. You can do it yourself or you can ask us to.

If you want us to arrange your support, we charge a one-off administration fee of £130 to cover the cost of providing this service in that year. This one off charge is not fixed and may increase each year. If you need us to arrange new services for you in a future year, you will pay the fee again for that year.

Deferred payments

A deferred payment agreement is a legal arrangement with the council that will enable some people to delay using the value of their homes to fund residential and nursing home care costs. If you are eligible, the council will agree to pay the outstanding balance of your residential care home bills on your behalf. You can delay repaying the Council until you choose to sell your home, or until after your death.

Read the booklet about deferred payments for people in permanent residential care to find out more.

Changes to your financial situation

If your financial situation has changed, whether your income has gone up or down, you must tell the financial assessment team immediately to request a new financial assessment. This will make sure you are paying the right amount for your care and support. Following the financial reassessment your contributions towards your care and support may change or they may stay the same. It is important that you do not allow yourself to get into debt.

Contact the financial assessment team

Financial assessment team,
PO BOX 65985,
SW18 9JS