What is a Direct Payment?

What is Find-a-PA?

Find-a-PA is an online service designed to make life easier for individuals who wish to employ a personal assistant to support them in their daily life, using a direct payment or their own funds. It allows potential employers to search for and find personal assistants who are best suited to assist them with their care needs, and personal assistants to search for and find jobs to suit their skills and availability.  

Through Find-a-PA you can:

  • Create a detailed profile of the job you are offering.
  • Make your job advert personal by providing details about who you are and the sort of person you are looking for.
  • Actively search for PAs available for work in your area.
  • Use the advanced search tool to find PAs who have the experience you need.
  • Use our messaging system to communicate with potential PAs, no need to give out your personal details until     you are sure you would like to interview.
  • Invite PAs to apply for the job you are offering.
  • Create a list of favourite PAs; they might not be available now, but you can keep up to date with any changes in their availability.
  • Download references and details of DBS (CRB) checks.
  • Learn about training available for PAs

This service is free for Wandsworth residents. For more information please visit the Find-a-PA website.