What is a Direct Payment?

We want people to have more choice and control over their lives. If you have had an assessment that shows you are eligible for help with social care and support from the council you may be eligible for some financial help, depending on your financial circumstances. We call this money a personal budget.

Direct payments are an easy and convenient way of receiving your personal budget. They are money payments made by the council for you to spend on the services you need.

What are the benefits?

With a Direct Payment you are in control. You can choose who supports you, how they support you and when.

People who use Direct Payments enjoy the choice that Direct Payments can bring, and frequently comment on how they have gained greater self-esteem, confidence, and control over how they live their lives.

More information

If you are already receiving help from the council for your care and support, talk to your social worker or care co-ordinator about switching to a Direct Payment or contact the Access Team:

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