Buildings Insurance

If you don't live in your property

If the property is unoccupied

If the property is unoccupied for more than 30 consecutive days, the following insured perils would not be covered under the buildings insurance policy: escape of water, theft or attempted theft, malicious damage, or accidental damage of fixed glass/sanitaryware.

A stipulation of the policy provided by Zurich Municipal is that reasonable precautions are taken to mitigate and minimise against any form of loss or damage.

If you leave your property empty for a long period of time (30+ days) it is advisable to have someone to manage your property.

A managing agent can pursue a buildings insurance claim on your behalf if you are away and you have given them a mandate to do so.

If you sublet your property

Your buildings insurance policy does not change but there are some exclusions under the policy.

For example, the tenant will not be provided with alternative accommodation if the property becomes uninhabitable. This is a private financial arrangement between leaseholder and tenant.

You are not covered if a tenant causes intentional damage (known as malicious damage) to your property. This is because the tenant was legally allowed on the property.

If your tenant does not inform you of an incident, your claim might not be considered by Zurich Municipal. This depends on the circumstances and timescales involved.

Loss of rent

Loss of rent is not covered under the buildings insurance. Sub-letting is a private arrangement that we have no financial or insurable interest in as the freeholder.

This is something you may be able to claim for via your own contents insurance or landlords insurance.

It is advisable that leaseholders who sub-let their properties have a lessor's/landlord liability insurance policy.