Buildings Insurance

What is covered under the policy

The buildings insurance policy is provided by Zurich Municipal.

For a claim to succeed under the policy, an insured peril must have operated and have been sudden and immediate. An insured peril is an event that causes loss, such as a fire, storm, flood or an escape of water from a fixed apparatus, such as a pipe or tank.

You can download the summary of cover and a full list of exclusions and extensions.

Stress and inconvenience

This is not covered under the policy and is not classified as a loss caused by the incident. This policy is in place to provide cover for the cost of damage caused to the interior decoration and fixtures/fitting of the property.


There is limited cover for damage to fences and they are not covered for storm damage. (This also applies to anything that is left out in the open and therefore inevitably subject to adverse weather conditions, which cannot be controlled.)


Replacement locks are not covered under the policy if you lose or misplace your keys. This cover is usually provided under your own contents insurance policy.


Sudden and immediate leaks

If the leak is sudden, causing immediate damage to the internal decorations and/or fixtures and fittings inside the property, from something fixed like a tank or pipe, you can make a claim.

Roof leaks

Roof leaks that cause damage to the internal decoration and/or fixtures and fittings of your property will only be covered if the damage was caused as a result of a storm.

Storm has a technical definition, one of which is: “a storm generally involves violent winds (usually above 56 mph), and usually accompanied by rain, hail or snow” (Financial Ombudsman). If the damage to the roof does not fall within this definition, and has not occurred suddenly and immediately, then the roof leak will not be classed as storm damage.

Leaks occurring over a period of time

If the leak occurred over a period of time, and was caused as the result of an escape of water from the roof, or was caused as the result of a maintenance issue, your claim could be considered under the Council's public liability insurance; this is only if it can be proven that the Council have been negligent and failed to maintain the property.

To make a claim under our Public Liability Insurance policy for a leak occurring over a long period of time, you need to put your claim down in writing, setting out a timeline of events surrounding the leak.

This should include:

  • what happened and when,
  • what the source of the leak was,
  • who you notified at Wandsworth Council and when,
  • if the leak has been fixed,
  • the length of time the leak has been a problem, and
  • any photographs of the damage

You cannot simultaneously make a Buildings Insurance claim and a Public Liability claim for the damage arising from the same incident.

There is no automatic right to compensation under the policy.

Email all details to


If you are a leaseholder and believe your property is subsiding, you must contact your Estate Manager to report the issue. We will monitor the situation for a period of 6 months or more before deciding whether the issue is technically subsidence, or there is another cause.

With all subsidence claims there is a £1000 policy excess spilt accordingly to the number of properties in the block/house.