Council leaseholders

Changes to my lease

Buying the freehold (enfranchisement)

Buying the freehold is known as the right to 'enfranchise'.

Long leaseholders of flats have the right to buy the freehold of their building as a group, if they and their block qualify. A long leaseholder is one who was granted a lease of more than 21 years.

Freeholder ownership and management

Enfranchisement has proved popular among residents of converted street properties and small 'infill' blocks where all properties are in leasehold ownership.

Once the group has bought the freehold, leaseholders:

  • can decide how to manage their block and
  • will take over the council's responsibilities.

Do we qualify?

The legislation in this area is complex. To establish whether you qualify and meet the legislative requirements contact the home ownership team in the first instance.

The council will assist qualifying leaseholders who want collectively to purchase the freehold of their block.

Getting advice

You are advised to seek independent legal advice if you (as a group) are thinking of buying the freehold of the block.