My tenancy


The tenancy conditions set out the reasons why the council may seek to regain possession of your home. To do so we will need to obtain an order from the County Court. The court will only grant an order if the council can prove that one of the legal grounds for possession applies.

Serving notice

In most circumstances we are required to serve you with at least four weeks' notice of our intention to repossess your home before we can take a case to court.

However, there are certain circumstances where court action can be taken immediately after serving the notice - for example in cases of serious nuisance.


The most common grounds under which a court will grant an order for repossession are:

  • if you have not paid your rent
  • if you or members of your household have behaved in an anti-social manner, such as harassing or causing serious nuisance to your neighbours
  • if you have damaged or neglected your home
  • if you have been convicted of a serious criminal offence, for example you have been convicted of dealing drugs

We will try to work with tenants to solve any problems and help maintain their tenancies for example referring tenants to tenancy support. However if the problems persist, we will take action.

People evicted from their homes through rent arrears or anti social behaviour are likely to be declared intentionally homeless if they approach the council for further housing and are unlikely to be rehoused.

Anyone who has rent arrears must contact the rent collection service immediately if they want to reduce the chances of eviction. Contact 020 8871 8987 or email:

New and non-secure tenants

For introductory and non-secure tenants there is a simpler process to evict tenants.

For further information please contact your housing officer