My tenancy

What type of tenancy do you have?

When we offer you a tenancy, the offer letter will provide details (type and length) of the tenancy offered. Our Tenancy Policy sets out the circumstances in which we will offer different tenancies.

There are four types of tenancy:

  • Introductory tenancies
  • Flexible fixed term tenancies
  • Secure periodic tenancies
  • Non-secure tenancies

Most new tenants will start their tenancy as an introductory tenant. This is a probationary tenancy and will usually last for 12 months. If you do not break any of the tenancy conditions during this time, you will automatically become a flexible fixed term or secure periodic tenant. In most circumstances you will become a flexible fixed term tenant.

A flexible tenancy lasts for a fixed period of time (normally five years unless there are special circumstances). When your flexible fixed term tenancy ends, the council does not have to give you another tenancy. Early in the final year of your tenancy, we will contact you to discuss your future housing options. We will decide in accordance with our Tenancy Policy whether to offer you another tenancy and, if so, what length this will be.

In certain circumstances you will be offered a secure periodic tenancy, for example if you are being offered a tenancy in a sheltered housing scheme or if you were a secure periodic tenant before the 1st April 2012 and transfer. With this type of tenancy you keep your home as long as you want it unless there is a legal reason why the council needs to take it back (called a 'ground for possession' in the Housing Act).

Non-secure tenancies are normally either tenancies linked to your job or are given when you are offered temporary accommodation. In this type of tenancy you do not have the same rights as flexible fixed term or secure periodic tenants.

More information can be found in the tenancies explained leaflet.