My rent

Your rent explained

The information contained here is taken from the publication called "Your Rent Explained".

The following tells you about your rent and charges and your obligations to pay your rent. Your rent account is managed by the Rent Collection Service (RCS), and details are given of the action that will be taken by us if you do not pay your rent regularly. 

Information is also given about the help you may be entitled to claim if you are unable to meet your housing costs and the independent agencies that you can approach for help and advice if you experience difficulties. 

These notes are intended only as a guide. They are believed to be accurate at the time of writing, but are not intended to be relied upon in the event of difficulties or disputes arising in connection with your Rent/Tenancy. If you have any dispute you should seek independent legal advice.

Changes to Welfare Benefit system

There are changes to the Welfare Benefit system that will affect how council tenants receive their benefits.

    Find out about the Housing Benefit and Welfare Reform Changes.