I am homeless

Can I apply?

Local authorities have a duty to provide housing advice and assistance to everyone in their area.

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, you can make a homelessness application to any local authority.

The type of advice and assistance given will depend on whether you:

  • are eligible (e.g. not subject to immigration control)
  • have a priority need for accommodation
  • are homeless intentionally or unintentionally
  • have a local connection with the area

Should I apply to Wandsworth or elsewhere?

If you have no local connection to Wandsworth or the local authority you approach, you may be referred to a local authority where you do have a local connection, provided that neither you or any member of your household would be at risk of violence if you were to live there.

This will usually mean that you have to move to another area. As such, it may be better for you to apply to a local authority with which you do have a local connection.

No local connection means that you do not currently, and have never, lived and/or worked in the area in a permanent position and have no family associations in the area.

Who should I contact

  • If you are homeless today or within the next two days contact the housing options team.
  • If you at risk of being homeless please complete the housing options form.