Temporary accommodation

Receiving an offer of temporary accommodation

Locations of temporary accommodation

Your household circumstances will be considered carefully when we make you an offer of temporary accommodation however due to our limited resources it is not always possible to consider your preferences.

Emergency temporary accommodation is likely to be outside of the borough. We only have one B&B located within the borough and this accommodation is usually full. We will try to move you closer to the borough when we can however this is not always possible. 

If you are offered accommodation out of the borough you will need to make your own travel arrangements to and from the temporary accommodation you are offered.

Refusing an offer

If you refuse to accept an offer of temporary accommodation whilst your application is being assessed we may decide that no further offers of temporary accommodation will be made until final decision is made on your case.

You will therefore need to make your own housing arrangements whilst we complete our enquiries.

If we have a full duty to assist you and you have been issued with a decision telling you so in writing, you may request a review of the suitability of your temporary accommodation.

Length of stay

You will remain in temporary accommodation whilst a decision is made on your homeless application and we may have to move you to alternative temporary accommodation when we need you to.

The length of time you will remain in temporary accommodation will depend on the outcome of your application. You will be notified of this in a decision letter called a s184 letter if we have a full duty to assist you with housing 

We will provide you with temporary accommodation until we are able to give you an offer of settled housing.

Due to the short supply of properties you should be prepared to wait up to 24 months in temporary accommodation before an offer is made (or longer depending on the size of property required).

If we do not have a full duty to assist you with housing you will be given notice to vacate your temporary accommodation.

If you are in B&B or in a private rented accommodation this will usually be 

  • 14 days if you are a single applicant
  • 28 days if you have children

If you are in Nightingale Square or in Council accommodation we will: 

  1. Serve you with a 28 day notice to quit
  2. When this notice has expired we will apply for a possession order
  3. On expiry of the possession order we will apply for a Bailiff Warrant to evict you

Storing personal belongings

We can arrange for the storage of your property if you are unable to or have no means to do this yourself due to:

  • Physical illness 
  • Mental illness
  • Financial position (you need to be in receipt of welfare benefits or tax credits)

This service is not free. We will meet the cost of taking your property into storage, however you will need to sign an agreement to arrange to pay back these costs in instalments. 

Failure to keep up with your agreed payments will stop us making payments for the storage, and your property is likely to be disposed of. 

In many cases it may be cheaper for you to seek your own storage solutions with family or friends or by using the high street storage companies.

For further information about storage and all the associated costs you should speak to your case worker.

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