Getting an offer of settled accommodation

If we have a full housing duty to you following your homeless application (including our efforts to prevent and relieve your homelessness), you will be advised of this decision in writing.

You will join a waiting list of other homeless families waiting for an offer of settled accommodation. See our guidance on our housing allocation scheme.

An offer of accommodation may take a long time as housing is very limited, but we will continue to provide you with temporary accommodation where necessary.

It is not necessary to contact us whilst you are waiting unless you need to advise us of a change in your circumstances. We will contact you when we are in a position to make you an offer.

How we make an offer

All offers are made in date order of when you registered on the homeless queue. Offers of accommodation can take up to a couple of years, however this depends on the number of properties we have available, how many bedrooms you require and what other assessed housing needs you may have.

We usually contact you before making an offer to discuss whether there are any change of circumstances that could affect the type, location or size of property you need. 

We operate a ‘one offer only’ policy. Your offer will be suitable for your assessed housing needs. Preferences such as where you want to live cannot always be met.

What we offer

An offer of accommodation can be:

  • Council-managed accommodation
  • Housing Association-managed accommodation
  • A private sector rented property 

Whilst we aim to consider housing preferences this may not be possible due to supply and availability of accommodation. Therefore an offer may be:

  • Anywhere in the borough 
  • On any floor level (taking into account any assessed medical needs) 
  • Outside of the borough

Most of our available properties are in high rise blocks and on estates in Roehampton and Battersea. Ground floor, new build and street properties with gardens rarely become available, and when they do are usually needed for applicants with high level medical or disability needs.

Accommodation viewings

You will get the chance to view the accommodation we offer you. This viewing may take place when repair works on the property are being carried out.

For council managed properties, one of our Building Maintenance Inspectors will attend the viewing with you and advise you of all the repair works and what you can expect the property to look like once it is finished. You should note that offers of accommodation do not come with any carpets, wall finishings, or furniture.

After you have viewed the property you will be given instructions on when and where to sign the tenancy.

Refusing an offer

Refusing accommodation that we believe is suitable for your housing needs could mean that we are no longer able to assist you.

If you believe an offer of accommodation is unsuitable you are able to request a review. You will need to provide information that supports this. If your review is successful we will offer you somewhere else to live.

It is usually best to accept the offer of accommodation before requesting a review because you:

  • Can request a review after you move in
  • Will have somewhere to stay while we review our decision
  • Will have somewhere to stay if your review is unsuccessful 

If you do not accept the offer of accommodation before requesting a review there is a risk that no further offers of accommodation will be made. You may also be removed from our waiting list, need to leave any temporary accommodation we have provided and to find your own accommodation if your review is unsuccessful.