I'm at risk of homelessness

If you are at risk of being homeless, you should contact us as soon as possible so we can work with you to try and prevent this from happening.

Where possible, we will help you to remain in your current home.  We will offer advice you on your legal rights and we can negotiate with your current landlord or the person you live with to prevent you becoming homeless. If staying in your current home isn’t an option, we can help you look for alternative accommodation.  

There is a shortage of housing in Wandsworth, so we are not able to offer a social rented house to everyone who has a housing issue. However, we can work with you to seek a solution. 

There are a range of options available if your home isn’t safe because of abuse, violence or harassment. 

I have been served with a notice from my landlord

If you are renting privately and have been served with a notice to leave your home by your landlord, you should:

  • Find out your legal rights to remain as you may be able to stay in your home for an extended period of time after the notice has expired (this depends on the type of tenancy agreement you have) - see our guidance on evictions
  • Start to look for another home as soon as possible before the notice expires - see our guidance on how to look for private rented accommodation

I can no longer afford my home

If you have fallen into rent arrears or mortgage arrears due to changes in your finances, you will need to address this as soon as possible. Your rent or mortgage is one of the most important payments you need to make. Ensure that it is paid in full and on time to prevent your household from being evicted. 

Sometimes by completing a simple list of your income and expenditure you can quickly see where you may be spending money on non-essential items (such as TV subscription or gym memberships). By removing the cost of non-essential items may mean that your essential costs, such as your rent and bills are affordable.

In some cases, you may be able to negotiate reduced payments with your landlord or mortgage lender. However, you should keep a record of any agreements you make. Shelter UK has further guidance on how to deal with mortgage arrears.

The Money Advice Service website has information on benefits you may be entitled to. If you are a council tenant, our financial inclusion team can provide financial advice. 

If you are evicted because of a shortfall in your rent or mortgage payments and apply to us for housing assistance we will conduct an affordability assessment and may find you intentionally homeless if you have not managed your finances appropriately. This will mean we will have no duty to assist your household with housing.

I have had a disagreement with my family or friends 

Friends and families do disagree at times and in anger may tell you that you need to leave their home. In most circumstances these disagreements can be resolved through conversations and sometimes mediation. We can provide mediation for you if you would rather that we spoke to them on your behalf. To request this service please email housingapplications@wandsworth.gov.uk.

If you are a single person in good health and with no other vulnerabilities it is unlikely that we will have a duty to help you with housing if you are asked to leave. When family and friends are advised of this possibility they may accept you back into their home rather than see you struggle as homeless.

You may also find our guidance on other housing options useful.