Housing waiting list

Getting an offer of accommodation

An offer of accommodation is likely to take several years.

Once you have received your registration letter it is not necessary to contact us unless you need to advise us of a change in your circumstances. We will contact you when we are able to make you an offer.

How we make an offer

We operate a 'one offer only' policy. Your offer will be suitable to suit your housing needs whilst taking into account any other assessed requirements. 

We offer a range of types of accommodation and tenancies.

Whilst we aim to consider housing preferences this may be overridden by the supply and availability of accommodation. Therefore offers may be: 

  • Anywhere in the borough
  • On any floor level (taking into account any assessed medical needs)

Most of our available Council managed housing is in high rise blocks and on estates based in Roehampton and Battersea. Ground floor, new build and street properties with gardens rarely become available, and when they do are usually offered to applicants with high level medical needs.

Accomodation viewings

You will be given the opportunity to view the accommodation we offer you.

If you have been offered a Council managed accommodation it is normal for us to conduct a viewing of the property whilst repair works are being completed on it. 

One of our Building Maintenance Inspectors will attend the viewing with you and tell you about all the repair works being done and what you can expect the property to look like once it is finished. You should note that offers of accommodation do not come with any carpets, wall finishings, or furniture.

After you have viewed the property you will be given instructions on when and where to sign the tenancy.

Refusing an offer

You can refuse an offer however without good reason your application may be cancelled, you may be removed from our waiting list and may be unable to re-apply for 2 years.

Offers of accommodation made to general needs or council transfer applicants do not have a legal right to request a review. If you have supporting evidence that the offer we made is unsuitable you should contact allocationteam@wandsworth.gov.uk