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Changes to our online forms

We are changing our online housing form on Thursday 22 March.

If you are returning to complete a saved application using the current form, you will need to submit this by 12 noon on Thursday 29 March. Your saved form will not be available after this date and you will need to begin a new application.

Before you start

We are unable to provide housing to everyone, and even those that are awarded a high priority may have to wait a several years before a suitable property becomes available. Therefore if you haven't already done so please check the qualifying and priority criteria for social housing and waiting times for further information.

An assessment can only begin once you have completed the housing application form. Please do not contact us until you have completed this form in full.

Who should not use this form

If you are aged under 18 and homeless you should not complete this form. You should contact Children Services on 0208 871 6222 who will conduct an assessment.

If you are at immediate risk of domestic abuse or violence and have no-where safe to stay tonight you should not complete this form. You should attend:

Housing Reception Centre 
90 Putney Bridge Road 
SW18 1HR

The office is open between 9am and 4:30pm (Monday to Friday) and we will get you to complete the form in the safety of our offices and provide you with a same day appointment. Outside of these hours you should contact 020 8871 6000.

Stages of the housing form

There are two stages to complete before we can begin an assessment.

Stage 1: Housing Options Form

Based on the information you provide on this form you will be given a list of housing options to consider before continuing with your application. Make a note of your reference number as you will need this if you wish to complete the second stage of this form at a later date. Please note your reference number will expire within 90 days.

Unless you are ineligible for assistance under immigration regulations, you will be invited to complete the second stage of the form.

Stage 2: Housing Application Form

You will be asked additional information to help us begin our assessment.

An assessment can only begin after you have completed both stages of the form. 

What happens next

Once completed you will receive an acknowledgement notification advising you your application will be forwarded to one of the team for assessment. See the application process for more information.

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