Rights of lodgers, licensees and subtenants

Lodgers, licensees and subtenants won’t have the same amount of legal protection from eviction as a  tenant. You will normally fall into this category if you live:

  • With your landlord
  • With family
  • In Halls of Residence
  • In a hostel
  • In housing that was provided as part of your job

You can check the type of tenancy you have using the Shelter tenancy checker.  Written tenancy agreements are not always reflective of the tenancy rights you have therefore it is important that you use the tenancy checker to be clear.

Landlords only need to give reasonable verbal notice. Check your agreement with your landlord if you have one. Your landlord will have to give you the amount of notice stated in this agreement. If there is no time limit mentioned then you are only entitled to a reasonable time to leave the property (usually the frequency of your rent payments i.e. if you pay your rent weekly you will be given a weeks’ notice).


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