Repair and tenancy disputes

Repair responsibilities

You should always first check your tenancy agreement to find out which repairs are your responsibility, and which are the responsibility of your landlord.  

It is your responsibility to identify and alert your landlord to any repairs that need completing in the property. In some cases the landlord may want to inspect the condition of the property before they instruct a contractor to carry out any works and you should not unreasonably deny them access to do so.

You must report the problem to your landlord and be able to produce evidence of doing so before contacting us.

Visit the below websites for sample templates if you need help composing letters to your landlord:

Information if the problem relates to:

What we cannot help with

We are not able to become involved in disputes between tenants and landlords over minor defects, routine maintenance, and non-essential works such as painting and carpeting. These types of repairs will need to be negotiated between you and your landlord.

Report a problem

Find out how you can report a problem in your property to us.

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