Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO)

Apply for a HMO licence

You need a licence from us if you rent out a property as a House in Multiple Occupation (HMO), which:

  • Is at least 3 storeys high (or 2 storeys above a commercial unit)
  • Has at least 5 tenants living there, forming more than 1 household
  • Has shared toilet, bathroom or kitchen facilities with other tenants

A licence is valid for five years and must be renewed before it runs out. A re-license fee is payable.


The current fee structure for an HMO licence was introduced by the Council on 3 July 2017. You can read the full background report to the decision to set these fees.  

Standard HMO Licence and Re-Licence Fees
No of bedrooms ('units of accomodation' or 'households') Fee on application (non refundable) Fee on grant of licence
1 £717 £444
2 £766 £444
3 £815 £444
4 £865 £444
5 £914 £444
6 £964 £444
7 £1,013 £444
8 £1,062 £444
9 £1,112 £444
10+ £1,161 £444

Apply for a licence

What happens next?

Once you have submitted your application, we will review it to make sure it is complete and the initial fee has been paid.

We will then contact you to arrange to inspect the property to make sure it is suitable. An officer will inform you if:

  • Any changes are needed to the property before a licence can be granted
  • A licence can be granted subject to additional conditions
  • A licence will be refused
In most cases, properties can be made suitable if required improvements are made, although the officer will determine the maximum number of occupants the HMO is suitable to accommodate bearing in mind the size of the HMO, the number and size of rooms and the amenities provided.

After you have submitted your application, you are allowed to operate an HMO as if you have a licence, until we determine the licence.

If you have not heard from us within 4 weeks of making the application, email

Appealing a decision or condition

If you want to appeal against a condition attached to your licence or you have been refused a licence, you may appeal to the Residential Property Tribunal.

Any appeal must be made within 28 days of the decision being made.

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