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Tenancy Support is a service for Wandsworth Council tenants who need help in keeping their tenancy. If you are a vulnerable Wandsworth Council tenant and having problems with keeping your tenancy you can apply to be considered for assistance if there are clear indications that you are failing to maintain your tenancy.

People who might be considered vulnerable may include: people with a disability, (which includes people with physical and learning disabilities), mental health problems, those who suffer from alcohol and drug dependency, ex-offenders, those experiencing or that have experienced domestic violence, older people, those recently discharged from care or people who are aged 20 years or under.

The service will:

  • Assess your application for tenancy support within 21 calendar days and advise you of the outcome as soon as possible
  • If we are unable to assist but your support needs are urgent, we can refer you to other appropriate agencies
  • Offer help and advice to all new tenants who are 20 years or under with claiming benefits, managing your personal finances and contacting other agencies to ensure you are receiving the right kind of specialist care and support to maintain your tenancy 
  • For those under the age of 25 awaiting an offer of housing, we will carry out a basic financial assessment in relation to heating and hot water charges to ensure any offer made is appropriate
  • Undertake to consult with tenants in receipt of support by ad-hoc surveys and regular community based events.


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