Sheltered housing

In this section you will find information about council sheltered housing in Wandsworth as well as contact details for other sheltered housing schemes managed by housing associations in the borough.

Sheltered apartments: am I eligible? 

These are apartments for older residents (aged 55 years or over). They are designed to help you maintain your independence in friendly and secure retirement communities, known as sheltered schemes. 

We have 24 sheltered housing schemes in the borough. You can apply if you can live fairly independently and are:

  • Aged 55 years or over

How to apply

We allocate sheltered housing based on the housing allocation scheme. Before contacting the council, complete the housing options form to find out more about the housing options and assistance available to you.

Extra care

This is similar to sheltered housing but is suitable for older people who need more care and support. It provides flexible, individually tailored packages of care and support 24 hours a day.
For more information about extra care housing, eligibility and applying for it, please contact adult social services.