Emergency alarm services

Epilepsy Sensor

How it works

The sensor will contact the monitoring centre when a seizure is detected.

The sensor is designed to detect convulsions (shaking or jerking movements).

Partial seizures and seizures without movement will not be detected.

The equipment

  • The movement sensor is positioned between the bed base and mattress
  • The sensor requires a mains power supply. There is a back-up battery in case of power failure
  • The unit can be calibrated and tailored to the individual service users need.
  • Can detect vocalised noises during a seizure with a built in microphone

What happens during a seizure

A detected seizure will trigger a call to the Lifeline Emergency Control Centre.  

The Emergency Response Officers will call 999 for an ambulance and will meet the ambulance crew onsite to give them access.

Key safe

If there is a key safe located outside the property, the key safe combination will be given to the ambulance service so they can access the property.