Emergency alarm services

Bed occupancy system

How it works

The bed sensor has been set to work between certain times.

The sensor will only work between these times and will not work if, for example, the user decides to have an afternoon nap.

If the user is out of bed

A call is generated to the WATCH Lifeline Control Centre if the user does not return to bed within that period of time. The Emergency Response Officers will respond, and family or responders will be contacted if necessary.

A call will not be generated if a user returns within that time period, and we will be unaware that they have been out of bed.

Positioning the bed pad

The Bed Pad will be placed under the sheets and on top of the mattress. Please ensure when the linen is changed that the bed pad is moved as little as possible, this needs to remain in the same position in order to work effectively.

The bed pad is waterproof, so there is no concern should it get wet.