Emergency alarm services

Emergency home response alarm service

Home alarms services are for:

  • disabled people
  • older people and
  • people with specific medical needs.

How they work

The home alarms send an alert to our 24-hour control centre when a sensor in your home is activated. An Emergency Response Officer may:

  • make a home visit
  • call the emergency services
  • contact a doctor, a friend, or a family member.


You can have different types of sensors fitted in your home. These can detect if you:

  • you fall over
  • you leave your bed or home
  • you have a seizure
  • require medication

The sensors will also detect risks and warnings in you home, sensor will alert us where:

  • the gas on
  • water is left running (like a bath overflowing)
  • smoke and heat is detected
  • carbon monoxide detected.

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Alarm alerts

Sensors and detectors
Our officers will know when your sensor has been activated and which sensor has been triggered. They will speak to you through a base unit attached to your telephone.

Push button pendants
If you need to speak with someone, you can contact an officer by pressing the alarm button on the unit, the pendant, or the fall detector if one has been issued.