Emergency alarm services

WATCH Lifeline

WATCH Lifeline is an emergency home response alarm service for older people and younger disabled residents provided by Wandsworth Council. It operates 24 hours a day, every day of the year. So you can be reassured that help is at hand at the touch of a button.

Who is WATCH Lifeline for?

Any older person or younger disabled resident who lives in the borough of Wandsworth.

Why have WATCH Lifeline?

Everyone values their independence and wants to stay in their own home.

However, disability or age may mean you need assistance now and again, such as after a fall or when feeling unwell. That is when you need a reliable 24 hour back-up service.

WATCH lifeline offers a home response service by trained staff which, provides round the clock reassurance for you and your family.

How does WATCH Lifeline work?

If you fall or are taken ill, your phone may be out of reach, but with WATCH Lifeline installed you can call for assistance from anywhere in your home just by pressing the red button on your pendant.

Pressing the pendant button sends an alarm signal to our community alarm centre. We will identify who you are and our experienced Emergency Response Officers will be able to speak to you, in any part of your home, through the lifeline alarm unit.

Our Emergency Response Officer will give you advice and reassurance and if appropriate visit your home to assist you.

How do I join WATCH Lifeline?

Just contact Supported Housing Services to arrange an appointment with an Emergency Response Officer, who will explain more fully how the service works.

All our equipment is easy to use and quick to install. All you need is a telephone line. We will supply a speech alarm unit and a special neck or wrist pendant for you to wear.

There is a weekly fee for the service, however we supply and install the equipment free of charge whilst you use the service. Discounts may be available to people on benefits. 

Additional to the basic pendant and alarm unit combination, we can also provide environmental sensors such as smoke, carbon monoxide and flood detectors.  We can also offer medication reminder devices, fall detectors and bed occupancy sensors.  All of these sensors, if activated, will send an alert to the control centre in the same way as the pendant.  See the "telecare" pages for further information.

The additional sensors are charged in addition to the weekly service fee.

More information

Contact Supported Housing Services 

  • Telephone: 020 8871 8198
  • Complete the appointment request form
  • Email: watch@wandsworth.gov.uk