Emergency alarm services

Falls detector pendant

How it works

There are two types of fall detector currently in use by Wandsworth Telecare.

Pendant (tilt) type-

There is a two tone warning if a fall is detected. If the fall detector is put back in its upright position, this warning tone will stop. These detectors cannot be worn in bed or if the wearer lies down to take naps and they must be hung from a hook, door handle, bed post etc when not in use.

If not, it will call the control centre.

The pendant has an alarm button which can also call the control centre.

Wrist worn

This triggers if it detects an acceleration of movement which might be a result of falling. The detector also has an integral button which can be pressed to initiate a manual call.

A carer should provide assistance when putting detectors on/off the user.

Test calls

  • To test, press the alarm button on the falls detector.
  • The WATCH Lifeline Control Centre will be called - tell them it's a test call and no action is required.

Battery life

The battery life is about 3 years, depending on use.

If low, it will send a signal to the WATCH Lifeline control centre and we will change the fall detector.