Pay your bill to the Income Collection Service

Problems paying a bill

Late payment

We will take recovery action if you do not pay on time, or you fail to keep to a payment arrangement. Therefore, it is important to pay your bill on time.

If you are having problems paying, please contact us.

What happens if you don't pay your bill?

We will write to you

If you do not pay, you will receive a reminder letter, and/or a notice of court proceedings from our legal team.

We will take legal action

We will take legal action if you do not pay the balance or bring your account up to date.

Costs and risk to your possessions

If the matter goes to court

  • You will have to pay additional charges for interest and legal costs
  • Your property and possessions may be at risk

Respond to a county court claim

Find out how to respond to a county court claim.

Special arrangements

Some accounts may be given longer to pay under a special arrangement.

This does not apply to absent landlords who receive a service charge or major works bill. These type of accounts must be paid in full within 14 days of the demand for payment.

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