Food safety

Food Hygiene Rating Scheme

We carry out a risk based programme of food hygiene inspections to ensure that food sold to the public is safe to consume.

Certain businesses, such as wholesalers and manufacturers are exempt from scheme.

Most food businesses are part of the Food Hygiene Ratings Scheme - operated by the Food Standards Agency. Following inspection businesses are allocated a rating between 0 and 5, where 5 is very good. View details about the scheme and how ratings are calculated from FSA website.

Food hygiene ratings and what they mean. 0 is urgent improvement necessary, and 5 is very good.

There are circumstances when a business can apply to change their rating. As a business you can:

Request a re-visit

You can request a re-visit and be assessed for a new rating after three months from the date of the inspection, if you have taken action to rectify any non-compliances that were identified at the time of inspection.

Appeal a rating

You can appeal a rating if you are unhappy with it and do not agree that the rating reflects the standards at the time of the inspection.

Right to reply

You have a right to reply in respect of the food hygiene rating given. You can explain any mitigating circumstances or state improvements that you have made since the inspection.