Food safety

Tell us about your food business

You need to register your food business if you store, prepare, distribute or sell food on premises in Wandsworth.

You may need to request approval before you start operating if you handle meat, fish, egg or dairy products.

Complain about food or a food business

Find out what you can complain about and who to complain to.

Complaints about food or a food business

Food inspections and hygiene ratings

Advice and training

Bespoke tailored advice for your business

If you need more detailed and comprehensive support we can offer bespoke advice tailored to the specific needs of your business. This might include but is not limited to new business advice, setting up or improving your food safety management system, detailed labelling guidance, or help with new legislation. This service is chargeable. For further guidance email

CIEH online courses

Visit the CIEH website to find suitable course providers in Wandsworth.

Make a payment

Pay online for food safety advice and training

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