Forward Plan

The council publishes a monthly Forward Plan setting out the executive "key decisions" which are proposed to be made on behalf of the local authority over the months ahead.

The law requires notice to be given of these items looking 28 days ahead, but the council seeks to identify items over a longer period, up to twelve months ahead (the plan also lists some other proposed decisions not in the executive key decision category).

What are key decisions?

Key decisions are, broadly, those executive decisions likely to result in significant spending or savings, or likely to have a significant effect on people living or working in two or more wards in the borough.

About the plan

Where the plan gives the date of an Executive meeting, that body is due to make the decision. It will be supplied with reports via the relevant Overview and Scrutiny Committees and other committees; these reports will be posted in Meetings and Reports as they become available. Other documents may be submitted and again these will be posted on these webpages.

More information

If you wish to request details of any of these documents or inspect a paper copy of the Forward Plan, please contact:

Head of Governance
Chief Executive's Group
The Town Hall
SW18 2PU

Telephone: 020 8871 6005