Apprenticeships case studies

Keith, Billy and Ben have been working as apprentices on development schemes in Nine Elms. Here's their story.


Keith Sserwadda

  • Age: 20
  • Role: Dryline Apprentice
  • Site: Riverlight (St James)

"The best thing for me is picking up more and more skills each day. I'd 100 per cent recommend construction to other people and there are loads of opportunities in Nine Elms. It's a good environment to work in with lots of lively people."

Billy Mohan

  • Age: 23
  • Role: Cladding Apprentice
  • Site: Riverlight (St James)

"If you like hands-on, practical work then this is a great role. Since starting on site I've picked up a range of new skills and been involved with other trades like glazing, window fitting and curtain walling. I've also been given extra training like leading edge (working at height), first aid and banksman."

Ben Cook

  • Age: 25
  • Role: Chain person (engineering)
  • Site: Embassy Gardens (Ballymore)

"I got this job through Wandsworth Work Match. I gave the team my CV and they called me into their office to go through it and talk about the type of job I wanted. The first job I went for didn't work out but a couple of days later they got me an interview with Ballymore and I was successful."


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