Special treatment establishment licences

Therapist registration

From 1 August 2015, we will no longer require therapists working within licensed premises in the borough to register with us.

The decision was formally made by the Council's Regulatory Licensing Committee on the 13 January 2015. This followed a consultation exercise with licensees that took place in 2014.

Registration scheme ending

The registration scheme has been in place since 2003 and was established to ensure that those providing treatments within licensed premises were sufficiently trained and qualified to carry out those treatments.

Whilst the registration scheme has generally worked well since its introduction, there have been considerable advances in the health and beauty sector over the years, most notably in the field of training and qualification.

This has meant that there are now a large number of qualifications at differing levels of competence available.

In addition, there are a significant number of therapists with qualifications gained abroad. The process for considering each application and assessing the qualifications or training attained against the proposed treatments to be provided has become very resource intensive.

This has resulted in delays in approving applications and, during the waiting period, the therapists cannot work. This has caused difficulties both for those therapists looking for employment in Wandsworth and licensed operators seeking to fill vacancies.

Deadline for therapist registrations

We will stop accepting and processing applications on 1 August 2015. Before that date you will need to continue to apply for a registration if you intend to work in the borough.

Licence conditions

From the 1 August 2015 there will no longer be a requirement for licensed special treatment premises within the borough to only employ registered therapists.

Instead, licensees will be required, by standard conditions on their licence, to ensure that:

  • all persons providing special treatments are suitably qualified and/or trained to carry out those treatments.
  • adequate records of the qualifications and training must be kept.

The proposed new system is consistent with the Government's view that responsibility for ensuring compliance with regulations is best placed with the business itself, with regulators ensuring that they direct their resources to carrying out risk-based compliance visits.

The new standard conditions will take effect from the 1 August for all existing licences as well as for new licences.

Main changes to the conditions

Changes have been made to remove conditions that duplicate other legislation. In addition further amendments have been made as follows:

  • Introducing new conditions placing the responsibility on the licence holder to ensure that the practitioners under their control are trained and qualified.
  • The training and qualifications of therapists working at the premises must be documented and the records held at the premises.
  • Tightening the conditions requiring proof of age to now require proof of age from any person appearing to be under 25.
  • The removal of some prescriptive conditions, transferring responsibility to the licence holder to ensure that they are adhering to best practice e.g. methods for the sterilisation and cleaning of equipment, types of disinfectants to be used and appropriate methods for the disposal of clinical waste. Instead, direction is given to relevant advice and guidance.

Appropriate qualifications

For your assistance, we will continue to publish qualification guidance as to what the council considers appropriate qualifications for therapists.

Therapists who hold a valid registration with us

Therapists that hold a valid registration with us can continue to use this as proof of training and qualification to any prospective employer until it expires.

If a therapists wishes to administer treatments that are not permitted by their registration they need to provide you with the required training and/or qualification information for those treatments before they can provide them to customers.