Gambling Premises licence

Transfer of a premises licence

When control of an existing licensed gambling premise is to change to a different operator, it is necessary to apply to us for the transfer of the licence.

What you need to do

You must make the application to us if the premises is situated within the borough of Wandsworth. You must also send a notice of your application to a number of responsible authorities as detailed below.

An applicant for the transfer of a premises licence must have a legal right to occupy and utilise the licensed premises before they make an application. Gambling activities could be carried on.

Before any application can be made for the transfer of a Premises Licence an application for a relevant Operating Licence must have been submitted to the Gambling Commission. We cannot issue a Premises Licence before an appropriate Operating Licence is confirmed as granted.

What happens during the application process?

The application allows for the applicant to have interim authority. This will allow an established premises to continue operating whilst the application is considered.

Make an application

  • Download, complete and return the application form
  • Keep a copy of the completed form for your own records
  • Your application should be accompanied by the existing premises licence. If it is not possible to provide the premises licence with your application, a statement as to why this is the case should be provided, along with an application for a duplicate copy of the licence.
  • Choose your method of payment

You should note that the application process will not start until the fee is received.

Consent from existing licence-holder

It is required that an application to transfer a premises licence is accompanied by a written letter of consent from the existing licence-holder, to demonstrate that they consent to the licence being transferred to the new applicant.

However, in some circumstances it may not be possible to obtain consent from the existing licence holder, for example if they have left the premises and their current whereabouts is unknown. In these circumstances, we have discretion to dis-apply the requirement to submit a letter of consent. However, it is expected that the applicant will have taken all reasonable steps to try and reach the licence-holder, and that a statement of these steps will be submitted in place of the letter of consent.

You should note that this provision does not apply if the previous licence holder has refused to give consent to the transfer of the licence.


The notification must be accompanied by the correct fee.

Notifying responsible authorities

You must give notice of your application to each of the following responsible authorities:

  • The Gambling Commission
  • HM Revenue and Customs
  • Metropolitan Police
  • Child protection board

See responsible authorities for contact information.

Advertising application

There is no requirement for newspaper or premises advertisements as part of a reinstatement application.

Interim authority

Application for the transfer of a premises licence allows the applicant to request that they are treated as if they were the licence holder during the application period. This will allow an established premise to continue operating under the authority of the premises licence while the application is considered. However, the use of this provision does not exempt the applicant from any other requirement under the Act, such as the need to hold a valid Operating Licence. The effect of this section will commence when the application is received by us, and end upon determination of the application.

What happens next?

We will check that:

  • The application is correctly completed
  • The responsible authorities have been notified

If there is a problem

If there is a minor problem with the notice, we may contact you for further information or may return the notice to you for correction. Where there is a fundamental error, the notice may be rejected.

How long does it take to decide on an application?

There is a legal 28 day consultation period during which representations can be made in relation to an application from responsible authorities and interested parties.

If we receive no representations within the 28 days, we will grant your application as applied for.

What happens if representations are received?

Where we receive relevant representations, we will hold a hearing of our Licensing Committee to decide on the application (unless all parties agree that a hearing is not necessary). We will tell you about the arrangements for the hearing.

We will aim to hold the hearing within 20 working days following the final date for the receipt of representations.

The decision

After the Licensing Committee has heard all parties it will make its decision. It may:

  • Grant the application
  • Reject the application

This decision is usually made at the time of the hearing. This will be confirmed in writing with the reasons for the decision along with information on what you need to do if you want to appeal.


Both the applicant and anyone making representations can appeal to the local magistrates' court if they are dissatisfied with the decision. 

See Appeal against a licensing decision for more information.