Club licence

Changes in the details of an existing club premises certificate

This page gives you information on how to notify us of minor changes to your club premises certificate. You will find details on how to make these changes and the fee payable, and any additional supporting material that must accompany your application.

The holder of a club premises certificate must notify the licensing authority of any changes to:

  • Its name or registered address;
  • Its secretary;
  • The rules of the club.

You must let us know of the change, in writing, within 28 days.


Any change in the name or registered address of the club must be accompanied by the prescribed fee. There is no fee payable if you are notifying us of a change in the club secretary or the rules of the club.

How to notify us of the changes

You should write to us with the details of the changes. Where you are changing the name or registered address of the club your letter should be accompanied by the club premises certificate, or, if that is not possible, by a statement of the reasons for the failure to produce the certificate.

Once the notification is given

The club premises certificate will be updated and then returned to the club.