Parks and commons sports pitches

Sports pitches: costs

Tennis courts

Adult Junior
 All sites Adult £8 an hour peak, £8.85 an hour, off-peak Junior £1.80 an hour, off-peak (peak bookings can be made at the same price provided all courts are not in use)
 Membership  Adult £47.20  Junior £23.60 

Football pitches

Monday to Saturday Sunday morning Sunday afternoon
Pitch cost (per match)
£60.85 £76.30
Junior pitches
£16.00 £18.15 £18.15
Goal nets (erecting and dismantling)
£21.10 £21.10 £21.10

Bowls - all greens

Standard Concession (seniors, under 18s, disabled)
1 play per person £2.60 n/a
Season ticket £80.00 £53.35
Block booking £17.10 n/a
Woods and slips £1.10 n/a

Wandsworth Blind Bowling Club - King George's Park Bowling Green: free of charge


Monday to Saturday Sunday
 £25.60 per hour  £29.85 per hour

Lacrosse pitches

Costs per session, Wandsworth Common.

Monday to Saturday Sunday
 £43.75  £52.30

Cricket pitches

King George's Park, Wandsworth Common, Battersea Park and Wandsworth Park.

Monday to Friday Sunday
Afternoon £48 £50.20
Evening £42.70 n/a
Full day £58.70 £62.95

Extra charges

Battersea Park: Cricket nets (per net, per hour), £5.75


Garratt Green and Wandsworth Common (per match)

Monday to Saturday Sunday
£67.20 £60.85

Battersea Park (per match)

Monday to Saturday Sunday
 £67.20 £60.85

Touch rugby

Wandsworth Common (per match)

 Monday to Saturday Sunday
 £44.85  £44.85

Softball pitch

All sites, per match

Monday to Saturday Sunday
Afternoon £46.95 £52.85
Evening £46.95 n/a
Full day £52.85 £58.20

Netball courts

Per court, per hour: £9.40

Athletics and general games

Athletics (per class, per hour) General games (per hour)
 £18.50 £7.60

Changing room charges

Saturday and weekdays Sunday
Football/rugby £17.10 £19.20
Cricket - afternoon £21.35 £23.50
Cricket - full-day £21.35 £23.50
Cricket - eve £19.20  -
Lost key charges* £45.85 £45.85

*Lost key charges: the charge shown plus all related costs incurred as a result of the key loss i.e. repair/replacement of lock will be payable by the 'home' team, i.e. the team that made the booking.

Education (non subscription scheme schools)

Football, rugby and hockey

£18.90 an hour

£32 with changing facilities

Athletics £20.50 each class an hour
General games £8.50 an hour
Tennis £3.95 an hour
Junior football (hard surface) £11 an hour
Netball £10.50 each court an  hour
Rounders £19.20 an hour

£17.10 an hour

£25.60 with changing facilities

£10.90 cricket net each hour (after school clubs)

Sports days - athletics

£36.25 an hour

£14.05 changing facilities each occasion

Training clubs (max 25 people)

£535 set up and first session

£107 additional sessions

Personal trainers £270 annual fee