Building an even stronger Wandsworth

Investing in our Neighbourhoods

roehamptonWandsworth Council is preparing to spend around £100m improving Roehampton Town Centre and the Winstanley/York Road estates.

We want to work with the local community in looking at ways to improve housing, local shops and community facilities.

At the same time, we are also looking at how we can improve access to local services and opportunities - and in doing so helping more people into employment, training and education opportunities.

In Roehampton, the plan is to improve the town centre with new shops and homes, looking at ideas to redevelop the area around Danebury Avenue to provide a new gateway into Roehampton. A preferred option has been drawn up and is currently out to consultation with local residents and businesses.

In Wanstanley/York Road a specialist masterplanning team has been appointed to work alongside the community in creating a vision for the long-term improvement project, which will include changes to the physical environment and the delivery of commercial and community services, jobs, education and training opportunities for local people.  A ‘preferred option’ has now been presented to the local community.

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