About Council Tax

Council tax is a form of local taxation that helps pay for local services, such as:

  • rubbish collection
  • care for the elderly
  • the police service, and
  • the fire service.

The Council Tax came into existence from 1 April 1993. It is charged on all domestic properties and is based upon the value of the property as assessed in 1991. Find out more about what your Council Tax pays for.

Your Council Tax Bill 2016-2017

Your annual Council Tax bill was calculated based on our records at 26 February 2016.

Your bill (for 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017) was posted after14 March 2016.

Any changes made to your account would have resulted in a revised bill being issued after 1 April 2016. You will still be sent your annual bill.

Council Tax charge

The value of the property determines which valuation band it is placed in. View the Council Tax charge.

You will receive your Council Tax bill at the end of March each year, or as soon as you tell us you have moved into a property.

Combining the Council Tax for two authorities

The Council Tax collected by Wandsworth Council has to cover the spending needs of Wandsworth Council and the Greater London Authority (GLA).  The amounts for each authority are added together to work out the total Council Tax for each band.

The following table shows how the amounts for each authority have been combined for band D properties in the main part of the borough.

It also shows the percentage difference between the current years charge and last year, broken down into each authority.

Council tax rates for Wandsworth (band D properties)

2015/16 £
2016/17 £
% increase

Wandsworth Council

- Adult social care*



390.45 2.0% increase
Greater London Authority (GLA) 295.00 276.00 6.4% decrease
Total 677.65 674.22 0.5% decrease

*The council tax attributable to Wandsworth includes a precept to fund adult social care.

More information on your Council Tax 2016-2017

Commercial properties

Commercial properties pay a Business Rate, which the local authorities collect on behalf of the government. Find out about Business Rates.

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