Council Tax discount eligibility

Other disregards

Aged 18 but still at school attracting child benefit

You are disregarded if you or somebody in your household receives child benefit for someone in your household over the age of 18. 

You will need proof of child benefit such as a copy of the payment book or letter from HM Revenues and Customs Child Benefits Office. 

To apply, complete the People you receive child benefit for discount form.

18 or 19 year old school leavers

You are disregarded if somebody in your household has recently left school or college. 

We do not count school or college leavers for Council Tax purposes for the time between the end of their course and the following 1 November, as long as they are: 

  • under 20 years old, and  have finished a qualifying course of education between 30 April and 1 November. 

If they reach 20 before 1 November the discount will stop.

To apply, complete the School or college leavers discount form

If everyone in your home is a recent school or college leaver, you may not need to pay anything. In this case, please apply for a student exemption.

A member of a religious community 

You are disregarded if you or someone in your household are:

  • a member of a religious community whose main occupation is prayer, contemplation, education or the relief of suffering; and
  • has no income or capital of their own and is dependent upon the community for their material needs (pensions from previous employment are allowed.)

To apply, complete the Members of religious communities discount form.

A resident of certain types of hostel

You are disregarded if you or someone in your household lives in a hostel as their main home. 

A hostel is a home which is mainly:

  • providing residential accommodation as a hostel or night shelter, and
  • not in separate and self-contained sets of premises, and 
  • provided for the homeless, and 
  • provided under licence to occupy which is not a tenancy.

We may need to visit the hostel to get more information.

To apply, complete the People in hostels discount form

A person in prison

You are disregarded if someone in your household is in detention. We do not count people for Council Tax purposes if they are:

  • in prison, hospital or elsewhere by order of a Court, or 
  • under the Mental Health Act 1983, or 
  • under the Army Act 1955, the Air Force Act 1955 or the Naval Discipline Act 1957, or 
  • awaiting deportation under the Immigration Act 1971.

You must tell us when the person is released as this may affect the discount. We do count people for Council Tax purposes if they are: 

  • in custody for not paying fines or for not paying Council Tax, or
  • in police custody before their first appearance in court. 

If the property has been left empty by a prisoner you may be eligible to pay less Council Tax In this case, apply for an Unoccupied and Substantially Unfurnished Discount.