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Annual Benefit Statements for Active Scheme Members as at 31 March 2017

We have undertaken checks on the data from your payroll provider and have issued statements where we have reasonable confidence in the data supplied. However, you should also check that the pay and service details shown are correct. If you have any queries, email

Please read the accompanying notes pages before contacting us as the answer to your question may be covered in the notes.

In the event that your query relates to the information we have been given by your employer, for example the pay details or the number of hours you work in a week, we will forward this query to your employer. We will copy you into any correspondence that we send, let you know your employer’s reply and update your records with any revised information. You will then see the changes on your next statement.

If you do need to contact us please quote your employment number or national insurance number and your pension fund. This information is on the first page of your statement. Additionally, if your pension fund is not your employer, please let us know the name of your employer. 

Flexibility around your pension

There are flexibilities around withdrawing money from pension schemes. 

You should be aware that these new arrangements apply to Defined Contribution pension saving arrangements and not Defined Benefit pension schemes so these arrangements do not directly affect the LGPS.

Read more in our Freedom and choice guide.

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