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Overseas pensioners

If you live abroad, your pension can be paid into an overseas bank account. Each pension fund uses a third-party company to make overseas payments as detailed below.

Camden Merton Richmond Waltham Forest Wandsworth

Xafinity Paymaster

Western Union


Western Union


Please contact the Pensions Shared Service if you want your pension to be paid into an overseas bank account. If you are changing your overseas bank account, we will send you a bank mandate form. You may wish to take this form to your receiving bank to ensure that all parts of the form are completed correctly.

Annual Certificates

If you live abroad the Pensions Shared Service will write to you each year and ask you to complete an ‘Annual Certificate’. This ensures that your pension can continue to be paid. The Annual Certificates are issued late April/early May each year.

Your pension will be suspended if we do not receive your Annual Certificate, so please sign and return the certificate as soon as you receive it. If you would like to check that your Annual Certificate has been received, please send an email to

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