Rent Collection Service

The Rent Collection Service (RCS) is responsible for collecting rent from all tenants of residential and non-residential property such as garages and store sheds. We are also responsible for collecting heating and hot water charges from residents who have either purchased their property from the council or following the re-assignment of a lease.

A major area of our work is the collection of current rent, the recovery of arrears and the recovery of arrears from former tenants.  We provide advice on debt counselling and welfare benefits and the staff are also available to visit tenants in their own home, give advice over the telephone or arrange to see tenants, by appointment, in the Town Hall.

The service consists of four teams who deal with the following areas:

  • Arrears Team – responsible for current rent collection and arrears recovery
  • Court Team – responsible for the legal process of debt recovery and eviction
  • Former Tenant Accounts (FTA) Team – responsible for recovering rent arrears and heating and hot water debts from former tenants/leaseholders
  • Financial Inclusion Team – responsible for providing specialised advice, guidance and assistance on how to improve financial situations.