Administration Department

Administration Department

The Administration Department covers a diverse range of functions, including both front-line and professional support services. The Director of Administration is also the Council's Chief Executive. The department is organised into the following divisions.

Legal and Democratic Services Division

Legal Services

Legal Services offer a comprehensive range of legal support, using both directly employed staff and external providers on a competitive and effective basis to ensure the Council's compliance with all relevant legal requirements.

Committee Services

Committee Services manage the council's formal decision-making processes; this includes servicing committees and sub-committees and a wide range of advisory, partnership and officer bodies and managing the delegated decision processes. This role helps to ensure that the council makes  its decisions in a lawful, efficient and democratically accountable manner.

Support Services

Support Services cover a wide range of departmental "back office" functions including orders and payments, financial coordination, and overall departmental administration.

Electoral Service

Electoral Services has at its core the legal function of compiling the Register of Electors and assisting the returning officer with the management and conduct of elections.

Wandsworth Register Office

Wandsworth Register Office has a tradition of service dating as far back as the Marriage Act 1836 and the Registration Act 1836. The core duties of the Register Office continue to be the registration of births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships but these have been supplemented by new functions relating to citizenship.

Human Resources

Human Resources is the main strategic service overseeing the council's management of its workforce. This is a streamlined service which covers the full range of human resource functions.

Policy and Corporate Communications

The Policy Unit's primary aim is to initiate, guide and support the development of policy and practice within departments. It also leads on a number of issues which cut across departmental and authority boundaries, such as health policy, crime analysis, sustainability and consultation.

Staff in Corporate Communications are responsible for protecting the council's brand and reputation, and for ensuring it projects a coherent and consistent image to the outside world. Press Office staff deal with all media inquiries, issue press releases and are available to advise departments on media matters.

Public Health Division

The Public Health team works to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals and communities within Wandsworth. It develops and leads services in areas such as drug and alcohol misuse, mental health, smoking, sexual health and obesity, encourages people to live healthier lives and carries out research and analysis in order to reduce health inequalities and plan services.

It works closely with other health organisations and with community groups to ensure services are well-targeted, effective and efficient. It is a cross-cutting service, working with colleagues in housing, children's services, adult social services and others to ensure public health is at the heart of everything the council does.

Community Safety Service

The Community Safety Service coordinates the council's activities with respect to the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.  The key aims of the service are to reduce crime, improve public confidence and safety and promote community cohesion.

Environmental Services

Environmental Services is responsible for the conservation and improvement of the environment. It is also responsible for enforcement, advice and educational health and trading standards legislation.

Economic Development

The Economic Development Office runs a wide range of programmes to support local employment, training and regeneration within the borough. The Service is responsible for managing capital projects in consultation with a wide range of other council services.